Preconfigured Raspbian Buster Lite

Whenever I set up a Raspberry Pi, I go through the whole setup thing. Can’t remember what I did the previous time or how. So it’s the same tedious production each time. Most of the configuration is the same as the last time.

I now create a preconfigured version of the Raspbian versions I use. This way I only need to configure things specific to a particular use.

For the Raspbian Buster Lite image, I’ve done the following:

  • Wrote the stock image to SD card and configured it on a Pi 1 Model B Revision 2.0.
  • Did it on a 4GB card in case I want to put it on a small card later.
  • Configured sudo to ask for password for pi user (and other users if added).
  • Enabled SSH.
  • Set graphics memory to 16GB.
  • Disabled root login.
  • Disabled user pi SSH login.
  • Set SSH login grace period to 30s.
  • Set fixed IP address in dhcpcd.conf.
  • Installed ufw firewall and allowed SSH.
  • Updated the OS after everything was done.
  • I did not remove the pi user as, according to some articles, the pi user is required by some software. Don’t know which, but decided to not tempt fate.

    There is probably more that could be preconfigured, but some are sort of security sensitive and others will change from install to install.

    I’ve also run it on a Pi 2 and a Pi 3 – seemed OK.

    My Raspbian Buster Lite preconfigured image can be downloaded from here:

    The zip file includes:

  • The image
  • A file that describes how I got Raspbian onto the SD card.
  • A file that describes what I’ve configured and how. (this is available as a separated download).
  • Now I have no excuse to get my crowd/flock/bother/menagerie/gaggle (?) of Pi-s something to do!

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